Saturday, August 1, 2009

This Week's "Realm of Bizarre News" Top 5! (No.164)

-Clyde, a blind border collie in Norfolk, England, has his own guide dog! Another collie, Bonnie, does such a superb job of leading him everywhere that people are shocked to learn that he is totally sightless!

-2 beekeepers in Ning'an,b China got married in wedding clothes composed of carpets of living bees! While they could feel the bees moving, they reported no bee stings. Guests attending wisely kept their distance! Photo at:

(Trivia Q: What is the adjective describing a bumblebee? Answer below)

-Finally revealed! British scientist conjured up Neil Armstrong's historic phrase upon setting foot on the moon! Microwave engineer Gary Peach was working at an Australian tracking station at the time of the Apollo mission and was asked by the American team leader what he thought would be an apropos opening statement. He told him, "That's one step for a man, one giant leap for mankind," which was then passed on to Armstrong! Peach felt it was time to take due credit with the 40th anniversary of the lunar landing.

-Major league baseball players are being spooked by spirits at Milwaukee's posh 116-year-old Pfister Hotel! While various guests and employees have reported paranormal phenomena at the site for decades, such as the phantom of the founder, Charles Pfister, along with his father, Guido, numerous players, such as from the Brewers, Twins, Giants, and Marlins have recently been experiencing similar unnerving events. Indeed, many refuse to stay at the hotel!

-Bizarre suicide! Shortly after midnight recently, a London cabbie tied a rope around his neck and secured the other end to a post, through the taxi's window. He then proceeded to drive off at full speed into a stone pillar, successfully decapitating himself! Ouch!

(Trivia answer: "Bombid" means "bumblebeelike.")

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