Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Appeared On "America's Got Talent"

I was on "America's Got Talent" on Wednesday with my straw-in-the-potato routine!I was actually shocked to see myself as time was running out(I was the penultimate performer on the final evening of the 1st round).

Link to file:

Complete version of the straw-in-the-potato routine:

While my act was truncated to 30 seconds, I am appreciative that I, at least, got that much time. Several acts were briefly seen for only about 10 seconds(including some who passed and some who were Xed out).

And, a myriad of performers never even got on TV even though they appeared before the judges and live audience because there were so many.

My suggestion would be to air this program 4 or 5 times a week, considering its popularity.All the acts have been taped so there would be virtually no additional cost. While there might be a slight attrition in ratings, the episodes would all be in the top 20 or 30,and bolster NBC's overall standings.

May the Power of the Cosmos be with You!

Dr.Franklin Ruehl,Ph.D.

P.S. This airs again as follows:

Sunday(July 26) Oxygen 10PM

Monday (July 27) Oxygen 9PM

Tuesday(July 28) NBC 8PM

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  1. Too cool! Saw you an AGT and imediately thought of weird TV.... memories....