Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dr.Ruehl's "Realm of Bizarre News" Top 13(No.159)

This Week's "Realm of Bizarre News" Top 13 (No.159)

-Meow! Meow! After buying a used sofa for $27 at a thrift shop in Spokane, WA, Vickie Mendenhall began hearing the faint meows of a kitty in her home. Finally, her boyfriend found the source of the mysterious whines: a cat was stuck inside the couch, apparently having crawled through a small hole in the underside.
She took the feline to the animal shelter where she works. A man arrived after a TV report about the incident, explaining that he had donated the davenport at about the same time his pet cat, Callie, went missing. Now, they are reunited and the sofa is silent!

-Chinese gal,42, has been howling like a wolf for the past 26 years! She 1st howled when she suffered severe back pains at 16, finding that the wolfen sounds relieved the agony. Over the ensuing years, the howling has become involuntary, increasing to 4 or 5 times daily, sometimes when she is out shopping, frightening passers-by.

Trivia Q: What is the term meaning "wolflike?" Answer below

-A paraplegic man in Sacramento,CA, who had been confined to a wheelchair for some 20 years after a motorcycle accident, was recently bitten by a brown recluse spider, sending him to the hospital. Miraculously, as a result of the bite, he began to feel pain in his legs, and, after 8 months of rehab, is able to walk again! Doctors are mystified as to how the spider venom triggered the recovery, but acknowledge that it was apparently the cause of his recovery!

-The Yeti exists! That is the dramatic conclusion of respected wildlife expert Sir David Attenborough! He is most impressed with a now classic 1951 photo of a huge enigmatic footprint discovered at the 19,000-foot elevation in the Menlung Basin of the Himalayas in 1951 by Eric Shipton.

-Quite understandable! After receiving a lousy haircut at a beauty parlor in Jonkopong, Sweden, an irate gal demanded a refund. When the proprietor refused, she bit her and then proceeded to tear down a shelf! Again, highly understandable!

-An alligator, yes, I said an alligator, started a fire in an abandoned elementary school in New Castle,PA, by knocking over a portable heater. It was one of many pets (including other reptiles and some 70 rabbits) living there with the owner of the building, who had made it his home For the record, the gator was rescued by firemen who arrived on the scene in time.

-Minneapolis firm specializes in collecting the debts of the dead! Specifically, they approach the relatives of the deceased who in many cases, despite not having a legal obligation to pay, do so out of a feeling of moral responsibility to settle all outstanding accounts of a departed family member!

-Businessman's cellphone was swept out to sea while playing with his dog on the beach in Worhing, England. Amazingly, a week later, as he was shopping for a new phone, a fisherman called his girlfriend,explaining that he found the missing cellphone in the belly of a cod, a fish that will eat anything. Incredibly, despite, a bad odor, the cellphone is working!

-He stole because he wanted to pray! Japanese Police found 21 pilfered Buddha statues in the home of a devout Buddhist. He had been swiping them from various temples in Kyoto, explaining that he prayed before each one. The unanswered question: wouldn't just one stolen statue have been sufficient?

-Study by a Sheffield University psychologist in England has found that folks find that coffee and tea taste better when imbibed from their favorite cup or mug You can test this hypothesis out by trying your morning brew in a different cup tomorrow, assuming that you indeed have a favorite one.

-Incredibly, 2 black holes have been discovered orbiting one another at a distance of just 1/3 of a light year (about 2 trillion miles) in the Virgo galactic cluster. It is theorized that each was at the center of its own galaxy, and that as the 2 galaxies merged, the black holes began to dance around one another. At some point in the future, they are expected to coalesce in what should be a galactic spectacle. On a mind-boggling note, each is anywhere from 20 million to one billion times the mass of our sun!

-Great idea! In Chongqing, China, police have set up roadstops where they feed any driver who appears to be drowsy red hot raw chili peppers to keep them awake while driving! We should institute that policy here in the states!

-Man who attempted suicide by taking 100 pills with rum and cola was saved by doctors at the Blackburn Royal Infirmary(East Lancashire, England). However, they apparently injected him with an excessive quantity of neutralizing drugs which caused severe tissue damage to his right arm. He subsequently sued and has just won a settlement of $150,000!

Trivia answer: "Lupine" means wolflike.

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May the Power of the Cosmos be with You!

Dr.Franklin Ruehl,Ph.D.

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