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1st Captain America Actor Died At Just 35!

1st Captain America Actor Died At Just Age 35!

Dick Purcell,the 1st actor to portray "Captain America"(in the 1944 serial "Captain America") died at just age 35!

.Shortly after filming this serial,he dropped dead of a massive heart attack after a round of golf on Monday,April 10,1944.Is it conceivable that the strenuous activity from reportedly doing his own stunts in the serial set the stage for his death?

While Captain America was endowed with special powers in the comics, he was just an ordinary man(district attorney) in this serial. \\

A conundrum appears as he is supposedly wearing his bulky Captain America costume under his suit which certainly would be uncomfortable and noticed by others around him.And,since he lacks Superman's prowess,it would take quite a while to remove his outer garments.

As for Clark Kent,he was regularly seen dashing into a supply room or phone booth to remove his outer suit revelaing his bulky Superman costume,which with its cape,would have been noticed under his suit by those around him. And,a question arises as to what he did with his outerwear(suit coat,pants,tie,shirt,shoes, and glasses as he would then perform his heroic deed,then come on the scene in his Kent attire.

Where did he put his regular clothes? E.g,did he tuck them into his costume? Or,did he leave them behind(but, if so,how did he return to them,redress,and then instantly appear on the scene?). This was an inconsistency the producers never addressed.

As for Batman, he and Robin always changed at the mansion before going out.

And,Captain Midnight never changed into another outfit.

I am prepared,of course,to cover these factoids on your program.

By the way, here are details of the Suicides of 3 TV Superheroes :

Suicide of Richard"Captain Midnight" Webb:

Suicide of Jon "Ramar of the Jungle" Hall:

Suicide of Judd "Commando Cody" Holdren:

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"1st" Star Trek Episode Aired Was Actually The 4th!

Southern California TV station KDOC just aired the “Star Trek” episode,”The Man Trap.” which was the "1st Star Trek” episode that aired(involving an alien metamorph who drained humans of their salt), yet it was actually the 4th episode filmed…execs wanted to debut the series with a fascinating creature, opting for it over the 1st produced episode, “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” which aired 3rd(that episode featured Captain Kirk’s tombstone reading “James R. Kirk,” yet in subsequent episodes, we learned that his name was “James T. Kirk,” with the “T” representing Tiberius.)