Friday, January 21, 2011

Radio Show Tonight:"Interview With A Genuine Female Werewolf!"

Radio Show Tonight("Hypergalactic Enigmas")



Subject:"Interview With A Genuime Female Wererwolf!"

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Host:Dr.Franklin Ruehl,Ph.D.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

Radio Show Tonight:"Another Intriguing Dinosaur Discovery!"

Radio Show Tonight("Hypergalactic Enigmas")



Subject:"Another Intriguing Dinosaur Discovery!"

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Host:Dr.Franklin Ruehl,Ph.D.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Radio Show Tonight:"Anomalous Bible Codes!"

Radio Show Tonight("Hypergalactic Enigmas")



Subject:"Anomalous Bible Codes!"

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Host:Dr.Franklin Ruehl,Ph.D.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"Realm of Bizarre News" Top 15 for 2010

"Realm of Bizarre News" Top 15 for 2010!

The top 15 are listed here in inverse numerical order. This compilation is admittedly highly subjective and arbitrary, with numerous other excellent runner-up candidates having been left on the sidelines to limit the number to 15.

"Realm of Bizarre News" Top 15 for 2010: (No.175)

15. ZZZZ! Disgraceful! Parishioners at the Lulea Cathedral in northern Sweden were understandably dismayed when their pastor, Stefan Widman, failed to show up for the Christmas service. But, 2 resourceful church members stepped up and read from the Scriptures! It turned out that Widman had overslept, arriving about an hour late when post-service coffee was being served. He humbly asked for forgivenenss. ZZZZ!

14.Gutsy! Robert Matsuura, 23, was participating in the FLW College Fishing Western Regional Championship at Folsom Lake(CA) when his double triple fishing lure struck him in the back of the head during an attempted cast. His partner was able to cut off part of the lure, but 2 hooks had actually lodged inside Matsuura's skull! Rather than quitting, he took 2 aspirins and continued fishing for another10 hours! Incredibly, he and his teammate won the $50,000 first prize! He then went to a dentist, yes, a dentist (a family friend) to have the painful hooks excised!

13.In perhaps the best documented ghost case of the year, a security camera at The Wolfe Pub(( Penrith , England ) that was formerly a funeral parlor clearly recorded a pulsating phantom image just after midnight. It transmogrified into a humanoid face and ascended through the ceiling. And, the security camera at the travel agency next door (which had also been part of the parlor) also recorded a supernatural image moving a computer mouse!

12.A classic case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time! Two workers pushed an old refrigerator off a 4th floor patio of a building they were renovating. Although they yelled a warning first, another crew member obviously did not hear them as he walked under the fridge at the precise moment it was falling. He died on the spot.

11. Chinese man ingests 20 to 30 live scorpions every single day! Li Liuqun, 58, was so furious that a large scorpion dared sting him while he was hiking that he picked it up and ate it! He found that he enjoyed its sweet, nutty taste, and became addicted to devouring the creatures. Amazingly, he has developed an immunity to their venom. Interestingly, small amounts of that venom are used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

10. Confused seagull thinks it's a cat! When it fell down a chimney into June and Steve Gromwood's living room in Shoreham-by-Sea , England , they raised him with their 3 cats. Mr. Pooh, as he has been named, developed a craving for cat food, eating out of their bowls, and a fondness for sleeping in their beds. Amazingly, the felines have accepted him as another family member.

9. A fireman has acknowledged that he triggered the death of a farmer in Somerset , England , by driving his fire truck toward a herd of cows with his siren blaring. The bovines panicked, stampeding over the farmer, killing him instantly!

8. An invisibility cloak has actually been developed by researchers at London 's Imperial College ! While the object rendered invisible was only a sub-millimeter piece of gold, it totally vanished in 3-dimensions, with the promise of larger objects, including humans and even tanks and planes, being so treated! While folks might immediately associate such a cloak with Harry Potter, it should be pointed out that Bela Lugosi (as Dr.Alex Zorka) was able to envelop himself in an invisibility field in the 1939 serial, "The Phantom Creeps."

7. The "Grim Reaper" has been attending 4 funerals a week down in Wellington ,NZ. Dressed as a mourner and behaving respectfully during the services, the middle-aged gent then collects as much food as he can stuff into several tupperware containers he brings along before disappearing!

6 . The Magnetic Female! Brenda Allison, 50, of New Orleans discovered that she is a human magnet! As a youngster, she first noticed that she had an adverse effect on objects with electromagnetic fields, such as when her presence disrupted TVs. And, she has caused electric cash registers to zonk out in supermarkets. But, for some reason, she only discovered that metal objects, such as coins, keys, and tin can lids, will adhere to her skin for up to 45 minutes at a time! The effect varies throughout each month. An electrotherapist has verified the phenomenon and hypothesized that she has an abnormally high electromagnetic pulse that is powered by high stress levels. Personally, I would strongly recommend that she audition for " America 's Got Talent."

5.Shakespeare boosts milk production! Members of the Changing Theatre Company have been rehearsing the Bard's "The Merry Wives of Windsor" before a herd of cows in Maidstone , England both as an experiment and as a means of saving money on a rehearsal hall. Incredibly, the cows have been yielding 4% more milk! The working hypothesis is that rehearsals relax the bovines, leading to increased lactose activity!

4. Absolute proof that we are not alone in the cosmos! While there is abundant speculation about alien life existing in other solar systems and other galaxies, astronomers have now confirmed that a myriad of island universes exist beyond the confines of our own in a vast multiverse configuration! The basic theory is that these conglomerations are comparable to colossal bubbles, each populated by possibly billions of galaxies, including even those composed of anti-matter. A recent detailed analysis led by Dr. Stephen Feeney of University College London has uncovered 4 "bruises" to the cosmic microwave background radiation, indicative of collisions of our cosmic bubble with 1 or more other such bubbles! Of course, each such bubble universe should be expected to be teeming with life!

3.Ouch! During a romantic kiss, a wife in Sheboygan , WI , bit off half of her hubby's tongue! He called 911 around 11 PM, but when police and an ambulance arrived, they were stunned to find the couple singing Xmas carols in front of their home! The man, 79, mumbled that the incident was completely accidental, but the police arrested the wife,57, on suspicion of mayhem. It is unclear as to whether or not the tongue could be surgically repaired.

(Trivia Q: What is the technical term for speaking in tongues? Answer below)

2.Ugh! After a gal in Naperville , IL , stepped into poop left by her neighbor's pooch, she proceeded to smear the droppings on that neighbor's patio! She also left a sign advising residents to clean up after their canines along with some green bags for that purpose. Unsympathetic cops arrested her for her actions, although she was later released on bail.

1.In perhaps the most unusual suicide of the year, if not the decade or beyond, a Texas inmate choked himself to death by swallowing gobs of wet toilet paper! Joel de la Rosa,18, had been arrested 3 hours earlier for drug possession in Edinburg , TX , near the U.S.-Mexico border. Interestingly, he had previously attempted to hang himself in his cell when arrested a few weeks earlier on another charge.

(Trivia Answer: "Glossolalia" is the term for speaking in tongues!)

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