Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This Week's "Realm of Bizarre News" Top 7!

This Week's "Realm of Bizarre News" Top 7(No.179)

-Widow in Fayetteville , TN , has been eating her dead husband's cremated ashes! When Casie Johnson's husband suddenly died of an asthma attack, the 26-year-old wife had him cremated and began carrying around the ashes in a small urn wherever she went, including markets, theaters, and restaurants. On one occasion, some of the ashes spilled onto her hand, and, not wanting to brush them off, instead licked them. This initiated her strange obsession of actually ingesting the ashes on a daily basis, which she asserts consoles her psychologically. Thus far, she estimates that she has consumed 1 pound of the 6 pounds of ashes!

(Trivia Q: What is the technical term for an ash eater? Answer below)

-Teen girl could die from brushing her hair! Megan Stewart, 13, of Wishaw , Scotland , suffers from a severe case of "Hair Brushing Syndrome," where static electricity generated by hair brushing interferes with the functioning of her vital organs, such as her brain. Indeed, she was diagnosed with this rare condition recently after suffering a seizure when her mom was combing her locks.

-Marco Polo was a fake! According to an Italian research team, his accounts, which were detailed in his celebrated work, "The Travels of Marco Polo," are replete with errors and inconsistencies, such as concerning Kublai Khan, the Mongol Emperor of China . They suspect that he never journeyed beyond the Black Sea and acquired his information from secondary and tertiary reports from other travelers!

-Doofus of the Week: Wacko shot off his own finger to rid himself of a wart! Sean Murphy,38, of Doncaster , England , actually shot the wart off with a shotgun, losing most of the finger as well. Adding insult to injury, he was charged with illegal possession of a firearm, given a suspended 16-week jail sentence, fined the equivalent of $160 in court costs, and ordered to perform 100 hours of community service!

-Escaped pet kangaroo in Prague , Czech Republic , went on a spree stealing ladies' lingerie from clotheslines in yard after yard! Benji was finally captured when a woman looked out her kitchen window and spotted the hopper stealing her undies!

-Call in the Ghost Hunters! A mischievous spirit is haunting Laura's Cafe in Cardross , Scotland ! The poltergeist, nicknamed "Nanny Goony," leaves crumbs on newly wiped tables, removes lollipops from jars, and knocks pictures off the walls. The owners feel the ghost is just having fun and don't feel at all threatened by her.

-Completely understandable! A customer began hurling pizza and breadsticks at the employees of Toppers pizzeria in Brookfield , WIS , because the pizza delivered to his home was cold! He first phoned to complain, then drove to the eatery and staged his rampage.

(Trivia answer: An ash eater is technically termed a "spodophage.")

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