Monday, April 25, 2011

Tribute to Dr.Who's Elisabeth Sladen!

A Tribute To Dr.Who's Elisabeth Sladen!

Sadly, actress Elizabeth Sladen from Dr.Who has passed away at age 63 after a battle with cancer.
Sladen joined the series in 1973 as the assistant to the 3rd Doctor as portrayed by Jon Pertwee. She was my favorite Dr.Who assistant as was Pertwee my fave Dr.Who.
Sladen remained until 1976, when she was the 4th Doctor's assistant, played by Tom Baker
She also landed her own spin-off series, "K9 and Company."
I was delighted when she returned to appear with David Tennant in the new Dr.Who series as well as starring in her own series, "The Sarah Jane Adventures."
She looked absolutely healthy in these appearances, and I was shocked to learn that she was battling cancer while filming them. But, this attests to her inner character as a real trooper!

May the Power of the Cosmos be with You, Elisabeth, wherever you may be! You will not be forgotten by Dr.Who fans!

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