Saturday, July 17, 2010

This Week's "Realm of Bizarre News" Top 5(No.172)

-Confused seagull thinks it's a cat!When it fell down a chimney into June and Steve Grimwood's living room in Shoreham-by-Sea,England,they raised him with their 3 cats. Mr.Pooh, as he was named,developed a craving for cat food,eating out of their bowls, and a fondness for sleeping in their beds. Amazingly, the felines have accepted him as another family member!

-The "Grim Eater" has been attending 4 funerals a week down in Wellington,NZ. Dressed as a mourner and behaving respectfully during the services, the middle-aged gent then collects as much food as he can stuff into several tupperware containers he brings along before vanishing!

Trivia Q: What is the technical term for the fear of death? (Answer below)

-Toilet bowl scooter! Dave Hersch of Colorado has created a motorized scooter with twin toilets for the riders to sit on, along with six rolls of TP and a magzine rack!

-Not a good idea! Gal set her office on fire so she could go home early! Michelle Perrino of New Port Richey,FL, started a small fire in a filing cabinet hoping to be dismissed early with full pay for the day. While her plan initially worked, her criminal mischief has netted her a 9-month jail sentence, 5-year term of probation, and a fine of $4,800 for the damage caused!

-Shakespeare boosts milk production! Members of the Changing Theatre Company have been rehearsing the Bard's "The Merry Wives of Windsor" before a herd of cows in Maidstone, England both as an experiment and as a means to save money on rental for a rehearsal hall. Amazingly, the cows have been yielding 4% more milk! The working hypothesis is that the rehearsals relax the bovines, leading to increased lactose activity!

Trivia answer: "Thanatophobia" is the fear of death.

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