Friday, December 11, 2009

This Week's Realm of Bizarre News Top 7!

This Week's "Realm of Bizarre News" Top 7 (No.169)

-Gesundheit! 12-year-old girl in Chesapeake , VA is sneezing a mind-boggling 5 to 12 times every minute, adding up to some 12,000 times per day! Lauren Johnson's ordeal began November 1,2009 after she 1st developed what appeared to be an ordinary cold in mid-October. Despite taking a pharmacy full of medications and being examined by 6 experts,the chronic sneezing has continued non-stop!

Trivia Q: What is the technical term for sneezing? Answer below.

-An intriguing new documentary suggests that Jesus visited England as a youth, receiving edification from Druids at legendary Glastonbury ! At the time, the region was a recognized center of learning, and he may been escorted there by Joseph of Arimathaea. Indeed, this thesis was enunciated in the opening lines of Wiliam's Blake's symbolic poem, " Jerusalem "

-Hubby has left his wife because she forces him to eat cake for every single meal! Cheng Yu, 31, of Beijing , China has complained that he is confronted with an endless array of fruit cakes, egg cakes, and chocolate cakes, and cannot eat another bite. Personally, this sounds darn good to me as I am a cake lover!

-Barefoot shoplifter stole 6 shoes from the Shoe Show store in Knoxville , TN , stuffing them in his coat pockets. But, the hapless crook apparently did not realize that the shoes were all for the left foot, with the right ones being used in a display. He was later apprehended, still barefoot!

-Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! The Marriott Hotel in downtown Chicago has a colony of honeybees on its rooftop which have produced some 260 pounds of honey since March.This honey is being used to prepare its in-house special draft wheat beer and other sweet treats. Sounds great, but avoid going up to their roof!

-Proof: The moon's phases are linked to epileptic seizures! According to a new study from the Institute of Neurology at University College London, such seizures significantly decrease during the brighter lunar cycles. It is hypothesized that the hormone melatonin, which is secreted less during a full moon, may be a key factor in triggering such seizures.

-Subway rage: One passenger stabbed another to death in a heated dispute over a subway seat in midtown Manhattan !

(Trivia answer:"Sternutation" is the technical term for sneezing.

I can present these and other intriguing reports(which can be fleshed out in more detail if needed) for you in a dynamic new 1-5 minute feature (or even 30-second microfeaturette) that can run daily, tri-weekly, or weekly on any of your existing productions, or stand unto itself as a separate 30-minute weekly entity!

I am currently host of the cable TV series,"Mysteries From Beyond The Other Dominion."

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May the Power of the Cosmos be with You!

Dr.Franklin Ruehl,Ph.D.


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