Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Annette Martin, One of the World's Most Gifted Psychics!

1st psychic to testify in a murder case! Accurately predicted the tragic death of John Denver in an air crash! Helped a dying boy make the transition to the other side! Aids the police in finding missing persons! Solved a 30-year-old cold case homicide! Diagnoses ailments in those she meets! Has had numerous encounters with ghosts!

These are among the intriguing experiences psychic Annette Martin has had over the past 40 years! Beginning at age 7, she realized that a brilliant White Light would allow her to enter the realm of the paranormal. She has employed her unusual gifts to help others, such as warning them of medical problems, and aiding and abetting families and authorities in unraveling crimes. Annette often channels Edgar Cayce for assistance and is guided by an ancient spirit named Cama from the Valley of the Gods.

The fabric of her fascinating life is artfully woven by author James Frey in the pages of his newly-released biography, "Gift of the White Light." It has my highest commendation.

Now, until next time, May the Power of the Cosmos, and of the White Light, be with You! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Dr.Franklin Ruehl,Ph.D.

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