Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This Week's "Realm of Bizarre News" Top 5(No.162)

-Fate is the hunter! Austrian couple (Johanna and Kurt
Ganthaler),vacationing in Brazil, arrived late at the airport, luckily
missing their scheduled flight aboard Air France 447, which plunged into
the Atlantic, killing all aboard. They caught a flight back home the
next day, But, a week later, on a road outside of Kufstein, Austria,
their car swerved into an oncoming truck, killing the wife! That is why
we say that Fate is indeed the hunter!

-Mystery solved! In Fohren, Germany, some 118 shoes have been stolen
from yards in the vicinity. Forestry workers discovered that a mother
fox has been swiping them as toys for her cubs, including 86 shoes in
their den and another 32 in a quarry where they enjoy frolicking!

(Trivia Q: What is the term meaning "foxlike?" Answer below.

-When a mortician at a funeral home in Allendale,SC, could not fit the
6'7" cadaver of musician/preacher James Hines, 60,into his coffin, he
had an employee cut off his legs between the ankle and calf with an
electric saw. The feet were buried with the body. Now that the
outrageous act has been revealed,the mortuary's license has been lifted.

-Ouch! A gal dining at the Herbfarm Restaurant in Woodinville, WA,
decided to take a pan of pig food to feed one of the eatery's resident
potbellied pigs, which is encouraged. However, because of poor lighting,
she did not see 1 of the beasties racing toward her. He bit her hand in
a frenzy to get to the food. She is now suing for permanent injuries
cause by the bite!

-Great idea! Talented woman is stuffing pillows with the cremated ashes
of beloved pets, complete with the animal's name embroidered on the
outside! Patty Moore of Soft-hearted Pillows has filled orders from wide
a spectrum of pets, including cats, dogs, rabbits and birds! May I
suggest that this could be expended to human remains as I think it would
be a huge hit!

(Trivia answer: "Vulpine" means foxlike.)

I can present these and other intriguing reports(which can be
fleshed out in more detail if needed) for you in a dynamic new 1-5
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I am currently host of the cable TV series,"Mysteries From Beyond The
Other Dominion."

Recently, I was the resident anomalist on "The New Tom Green Show" on
MTV, guested on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and the new "ALF'S Hit Talk Show,"
and was profiled on "9 On The Town."

And, I was a regular contributor to "A Current Affair," guested on THE
X-TESTERS, hosted a recurring UFO segment on "9 On The Town," and was a
"Stranger" on NBC's "Identity."

May the Power of the Cosmos be with You!

Dr.Franklin Ruehl,Ph.D.

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