Friday, May 8, 2009

(No.161) This Week's "Realm of Bizarre News "Top 13!

-Bad idea! Gal.77,in Indianapolis, IN tried to break up a swordfight between her brother-in-law and grandson, which developed from what appeared to be a minor dispute. She was stabbed to death and her bro-in-law also succumbed to his wounds. It is uncertain as to which sword wielder delivered the fatal strike to her. So, please, please do not attempt to break up a swordfight unless you also have a sword and know how to use it...we can't afford to lose even one of you out there!

-Oregon woman has 2 anteaters as pets, Pua and Stewie! She makes clothes for them to keep them warm in the cold climate, and one of them even sleeps with her!

-In Mumbai, India, a skillful criminal hypnotized a jeweller into handing over $160,000 worth of diamonds bracelets and necklaces. This is reminiscent of the 1946 film, "The Mask of Diijon," in which a hypnotist (ably portrayed by Erich Von Stroheim) induced a man to commit suicide.

(Trivia Q: Until recently, Mumbai was known by what name? Answer below)

-Obese tourists are wearing out emaciated donkeys in sites around the globe, such as Cairo, Egypt. The visitors are unable to walk to the historic sites, so they pay for rides on the donkeys, who become true beasts of burden. Animal activists point out that many of the fat visitors outweigh the poor creatures they are sitting upon!

-New, disappointing theory concerning Jack the Ripper! While persuasive cases have been advanced for Queen Victoria's grandson, an American doctor, author Lewis Carroll, and artist Walter Sickert, among others, as the Ripper, the latest hypothesis, posited by historian Dr. Andrew Cook, argues that he never actually existed, that he was the invention of the newly-launched tabloid, the Star, created to sell newspapers. Someone there cleverly linked together several murders to one man, which the public ate up. While we know that serial killers do indeed exist, his case against Jack the Ripper certainly seems plausible.

-Yipes! Surgeon in Shakopee, MN, needed to operate twice to remove an appendix! Two days after apparently excising the patient's appendix, it was determined that he only removed a fold of fatty tissue, so he had to gut the patient a 2nd time to extract the offending organ, which resulted in the patient remaining hospitalized an extra 11 days!

-Woof! Woof! "Counseling canines" have been introduced at the University of Wisconsin to reduce students' stress over final exams! That is fine for dog lovers, but what about cat fanciers...shouldn't friendly felines be brought in to ease their stress, too?

-New Face of Mars discovered! A recently-released NASA photo shows what appears to be a rocky human skull with 2 eyes, a nose, and a small mouth. Unlike the huge, celebrated "Face" photographed back in 1976, this is approximately the size of a humanoid skull: it could be an actual ossified skull, an artistic sculpture, or merely an optical illusion. You can judge for yourself by checking it out at:

-Wife in Enumclaw, WA, trying to prevent her hubby from gambling away their savings earmarked for a new automobile, phoned the casino in nearby Auburn he was headed for, claiming he was carrying a bomb. Now, she could face charges and he might still gamble in the future.

-Veteran diver Pino Termini claims that he saw the ghost of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin swimming underwater at Batt Reef off of northern Queensland, Australia, where he was fatally speared by a stingray in September of 2006. Irwin looked at peace, perhaps guarding the area where he died. This is the first reported materialization of Irwin since his untimely demise.

-Ouch! Serbian union leader cut off part of his little left finger and ate it as a protest over not just low wages, but wages that have not been paid for years! Ouch!

-An inhaler for chocolate lovers has been developed by a Harvard prof that allows you to inhale chocolate molecules, providing the taste of chocolate without adding any calories. Personally, as a chocoholic myself, I think I would miss the enjoyment of biting into a tasty chocolate bar...sniffing it seems to lack something. But, I may be wrong and it could become a hit.

-Heroic school nurse Eileen Bowden, 59, saved the life of the softball coach at Santa Clara High School(CA) with CPR after he suffered a heart attack. But, moments later, she suddenly collapsed and died enroute to the ER, apparently of a heart attack!

(Trivia answer: Mumbai was known as Bombay)

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